ProtonVPN Review 2020: Can I Trust It?

Executive Summary ProtonVPN is a virtual private network operated by the Proton Technologies AG, a Swiss Company headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. Proton was founded in 2014 by a team of great scientists & created ProtonMail, the world’s largest encrypted email services. ProtonVPN is trusted by more than 1 million users, it has network of 1048 servers in more than 53 countries. With its robust security & top shelf-provider it is considered to be one of the best VPN servers. It has best the user experience & best app design with plenty of great features. This article on ProtonVPN review will help you in clearing your doubts & confusions. There’re many options of VPN available in the market but I chose only ProtonVPN, want to know why? Today I’m going to tell you about its features, what I liked about it most & what’s not & price. So let’s dive deep into this article. Top 10 Security Features of ProtonVPN 1.       Secure Core: ProtonVPN provides the

Do I Need Antivirus If I’m Using VPN?

It might not be a shock for you that the internet is the most dangerous place in the digital world. Internet is the place full of virtual thieves that can affect you badly and make you impoverished. Threats like hacking & malware attacks can jeopardize a large organization to innocent café customers. So the question that comes in the mind is that do I need antivirus if I’m using VPN? Let’s have a look on this article to help you get your answer regarding antivirus & VPN.   What is the Difference between Antivirus & VPN? Antivirus:  As the name antivirus suggests that it is the antidote of a computer virus. It protects a computer & other operating devices from the malicious files, malware attacks, viruses & from hacking through the internet. There are around 1 Lac computer viruses in the world. VPN: Virtual Private Network or VPN gives you an online privacy and makes your IP address invisible to the websites you visits. Basically it protects you from the pry

Kaspersky Total Security Review 2020: Is It Worth To Buy?

  Executive Summary Kaspersky is one of the well-known Russian cyber security antivirus companies that stand in the market form last 2 decades. It is trusted by millions of users by providing cyber-security solutions to individual customers & businesses. The company’s antiviruses operate in almost all the countries with 35 offices from around the world. Kaspersky’s antiviruses are the most tested & most awarded antivirus software & is capable of removing most of the malware. This article on Kaspersky Total Security review will help you in clearing your doubts & confusions. If we see the users of Kaspersky, then 400 million is the great amount & it seems quite impressive. There are many options of antiviruses in the market but I was attracted to Kaspersky Internet Security than any other. The company offers the options to choose between Windows, mac, iOS & android devices according to the needs of user.   Top 5 features of Kaspersky security softwares